Brunch in Helsinki

*Updated October 25th, 2013*

Are you coming to visit Helsinki for business or pleasure? Do you live in Helsinki, but don’t understand Finnish? And most important, would you like to find and try a brunch in Helsinki? Here you can find Helsinki brunch tips in English.

Finnish-Italian dishes at Stansvik

Helsinki brunch scene has exploded in past few years. Nowadays in Helsinki, meeting friends for brunch on weekend is almost as commonplace as in other capitals and major cities in the world. Consequently, the city’s brunch offering has expanded, and a wide range of restaurants, cafes, bars and bakeries have started to offer brunch. Most of them are buffets, but there are also a variety of restaurants serving brunch or breakfast plates and even a few à la carte brunches. If you are lucky, you can even find theme brunches: vegetarian or raw brunch, italian, sushi, jazz or flea market brunch.

However, unique for Helsinki brunches are genuine Finnish flavors and fresh, locally produced ingredients, which you can find for example in Klaus K / Livingroom  or Palace. In many brunches, you get to taste Finnish breakfast specialties, such as Carelian pies or home-baked rye bread.

Below categorised are best picks of Helsinki brunches. (Unfortunately, all websites or the brunch sections of the websites are not in English.)

Here you can find the full list of brunches in Helsinki. If you find something missing, please leave a comment or contact us

Eggie Bennie @ Midhill

Luxury brunches

Luxury brunches are typically served by fine dine restaurants or five star hotels and include buffet for starters and desserts, and ofter a main course served to the table. Price range is 30 – 40 €.

Hip and edgy brunches in Kallio

Kallio is a young, urban neighbourhood, where you can find many brunches, crowded with young people, hipsters or students. These brunches are usually cheaper buffets (10-20 €) in a relaxed atmosphere.

Mille Mozzarelle

Traditional brunches

Prestigious, decades-old cafes, which serve breakfasts or brunches.

Downtown brunches

If you want to find a brunch spot right in the center, there’s a variety of choices.

Summer brunches and terraces

When the summer (finally) arrives, Finns love to have a beer on a terrace or enjoy the sun on one of the islands in front of Helsinki or travel a bit further away close to nature. Here you can have brunch as well.

Best of the rest

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